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      a story about an old woman that live alone with a robot.

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      How to boost your self-esteem

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      How Codependency affects the individual's Mental Health.

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      Alcohol Effects
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      Alcohol can reduce communication between your brain and yourbody. This makes coordination more difficult. ... This area of the brainis responsible for emotional control, short-term memory, and judgement, in addition to other vital roles. Chronic and severe alcoholabuse can also cause permanent brain damage.

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      The importance to identify triggers and cues of relapse.

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      About Meth
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      Meth Documentary

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      Why are some able to transcend their addiction while others are not?

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      Drug and alcohol addictions are serious problems for men and women alike, but women face a unique set of challenges that may require different treatment approaches than those offered at standard rehab centers. This is because the root causes of addiction in women are often different than in men and the psychological and physiological effects of drugs are often more severe, requiring specialized and intensive treatment.

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      Whether it’s a broken bone, perpetually scraped knees or a healthy fear of the dark, no one leaves childhood unscathed. At some point, we were all faced with events in our past that left us scarred, scared or both. These events, though frightening at the time, help the body and brain development and mature. Unfortunately, some children suffer from far more traumatic experiences than others. As children are exposed to things like neglect, abuse or addiction in the home, these adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can cause lifelong stress, pain and suffering. Children struggling to cope with ACEs often grow into adults who abuse substances to numb the pain of their past.

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      How Meth / Shabhu Works
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      This video explains how Methamphetamine works in your brain.

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      Addiction on heroin

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      Brain is a Pinball Machine
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      Video shows how the substance creates Euphoria.

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  • This channel is created to allow Persons with Substance Use Disorder (PSUD) and their families to post videos of Strength and Hope to encourage Recovery.

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