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      Brookings Oregon
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      Harbor is an unincorporated community in curry country Oregon, United States. It is located across the chetco river from the city of Brookings.
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      Trees of Mystery and Sky Trail
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      Information in depth.. the Trees of Mystery forest experience trails contains many interpretive signs with little known redwood facts as well as the largest tree on the property the brotherhood Tree. Along the trail is the towering inferno, a tree that was stuck by lightning in 1996 and thereafter was consumed from the inside by fire. Skytrail embarkation point, brotherhood station, is also accessible from this trail. Restroom and picnic tables are located at the beginning of this trail. Have fun and enjoy
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      Patrick's point
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      Patrick's point Park history Native Americans, Yurok people have lived in and around Patrick's Point for generation. The temperature climate and abundant wildlife of the north coast promoted a culturally rich way of life that continues today.
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      Humboldt BOTANICAL Garden
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      Humboldt BOTANICAL Garden features rare species of rhododendrons, a wide variety of California native plants and Mediterranean climate landscapes in a beautiful setting.
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      Tree house
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      Beautiful tree house
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      BIG Tree Drive Thru
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      The giant redwoods of Northern California are the biggest
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      Highway 101 the beautiful Chemney
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