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      CJC New LAMBO, Thank you Cynthia.
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      Our new CJC Live Lambo!
    • 00:16:19
      Anthony Joshua talks about Defeat
      43 Views . 1 day ago
      Anthony discuss his loss with Andy Ruiz who did an amazing job. I think Anthony Joshua is a very humble fighter, and I like the respect he has for his opponent and who he is as a person You can see his full channel here:
    • 00:04:36
      We caught Common Sense freestyling at the Essence Festuval in New Orleans.
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      Rusty Pelican Newport Beach
      40 Views . 2 weeks ago
      Rusty Pelican has an amazing view, however the food is about an 4/5 and service is about a 3/5. We ordered the Swordfish which was a little to dry for my taste, but other than that it was nice being able to take a glimpse of the beautiful scenery.
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      Facebook, Crypto, Bitcoin... Im in.
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      With everyone trying to understand Blockchain and Crypto technology, Facebook is doing a excellet job with putting their Blockchain team together. 

      I am no financial adverisor but I am going all in when they annouce the sell of their coin/token.



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      CJC Business Motivation
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      CJC CEO Reginald Braziel talks about business motivation and staying strong!

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      CJC And the People who Love us
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      CJC = Control Just Changed.

      We are creating success stories and changing the world in a very special way. We speak the truth and touch the hearts of the one's who believe in our mission and dreams. 

      We are a team of like minded people worked hard for a better purpose for hummanity.

      We are CJC

      Control Just Changed

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      Speaker : Jim Kwik

      1. Good brain food.
      2. Kill negative thoughts and do self talk.
      3. Exercise.
      4. Brain nutrients.
      5. Positive peer group.
      6. Clean environment.
      7. Sleep.
      8. Protect your brain from radiations (mobiles).
      9. Learning.
      10. Stress management.

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      Official CJC Shopping Spree
      678 Views . 3 months ago

      Offcial Video of CJC Team going on a Shopping Spree.

    • 00:01:45
      CJC Louis Vuitton
      802 Views . 3 months ago

      We gave 5 of our CJC Family members $4,000 to go on a Louis Vuitton Shopping Spree.....

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      CJC Lifestyle
      404 Views . 3 months ago

      CJC Lifestyle

    • 00:45:03
      Jesse Elder Powerful Message
      143 Views . 4 months ago

      Jesse Elder is a powerful friend that I had the opportunity to work with.

      When you are aligned with your purpose and connected to your tactical intuition, everything changes.

      Things you thought were previously impossible open up to you and life becomes an adventure.

      The wonderful thing is that anybody can experience this level of freedom. If you have the eyes to read this and the mind to understand it, that means you have the capacity for unlimited success and happiness.

      That’s my great love in life – connecting people to their unique purpose and vision and helping them on the path to self-authorization. 

      I encourage you to explore the content on this site, and discover what shifts you can create in your own life.

      I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you.

      Jesse Elder


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