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      The bee's
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      Bee's and flowering plants have mutualistic relationship where both species benefit. Flowers provide bee's with nectar and pollen, which worker bees collect to feed their colonies. Bee's provide flowers with the means to reproduce, by spreading pollen from flower to flower in a process call pollination.

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      Fishing time
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      Fishing benefits to improve mental and physical well - being. Boost immune system. Promote relaxation. Teaches self reliance. Bestows patience. Encourage travel. Improves cardiovascular health.

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      Hiking time
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      Benefits of hiking Lower stress levels , improved mood, and enhanced mental wellbeing. A reduced risk for heart desease. Lower blood pressure. Lower body fat. Improved control over healthy weight. Lower cholesterol levels.
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      Marshmallows on stick over a campfire.
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      Part 2 Banana BBQ
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      Finished banana BBQ
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      Banana BBQ part 1
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      I made the banana BBQ .
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      BBQ time
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      BBQ time Yummy dinner beef BBQ with eggplant
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      Set up a campsite
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      Select your site-----Find the flattest land available. Food setup ---- make sure your food in the good temperature. Campfire setup ---- when you setting up your camp fire , consider wind  direction and protection.

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  • My first time of real camping. Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home in a shelter , such as a tent. Camping is fun. I hope that you will enjoy my camping experience.
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