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      Blockcard Visa
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      With BlockCard you can spend your cryptocurrency anywhere major credit cards are accepted. When your friends sign up and load $150 worth of crypto on their cards, you both will receive an additional $10 in TERN spending power.

      Watch this video to learn how to fund your BlockCard account, pass KYC, and use your BlockCard account to spend crypto anywhere in the world VISA is accepted.

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      Dr. Keanu Sai Ph.D shares that Native Tennant Rights codified under Hawaiian Kingdom law are acknowldged under International law and protect Mauna Kea from TMT destruction. Kia'i are legally protected under Native Tennant Rights, and destruction of Mauna Kea (drilling 600ft into the Mountain) is a "war crime" under the Hague and Geneva conventions.
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      Hemp Grows Faster Than Bitcoin Introduction to our new company & why it will change the future
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      140 years of History in 10 Minutes
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      So for those of you who haven't seen it -- strap yourselves in for 140 years of Monetary History In Ten Minutes. By the end of this clip you'll be able to answer for yourselves: - Are we overdue for a new monetary system? - Is war good for an economy? - Why did Nixon sever the link between all currencies and gold? - Why wasn't I taught that in school!
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      Could these be the opening shots in the battle for the next global monetary system? Join Mike Maloney as he explores the serious implications that arise from Facebook's foray into the world of finance, and whether or not their Libra project is the ultimate Trojan Horse.
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      Universal Access to Basic Finance
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      In this talk, Andreas advocates for protecting and expanding access to universal basic finance, explains why the question of how cryptocurrencies should be regulated is a distraction, and that eradicating cash will not affect the most powerful bad actors, who operate with banking licenses. He also declares that those who develop the surveillance infrastructure have exhibited moral bankruptcy and should face a period of scrutiny over their ethical integrity.
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