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      This is the CJC Live Opportunity Overview for May 9th, 2019

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      Quintric and CJC Live Partner
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      Quintric selects CJC Live as their exclusive marketing partner.

      This is ...next level guys ...next level.

      We just signed the strongest partnership of our generation allowing people to utilize our Social Sharing Platform to earn Gold.

      It's important to earn as much gold as you can these days, dont put all your eggs in one basket.... Diversify your portfolio.

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      This demo is about accessing Gold Access TV via a mobile app called "iptv smarters" which can be found in the Apple "App" store on any Apple device.

      We also cover usage of Gold Access TV via any web browser in this demonstration as well.

      When you first download and open iptv smarters, you will be access to enter the following:

      Name: This can be any name you like at all. In my demo, I chose "Gold Access TV"

      Username: Your Gold Access TV Username

      Password: Your Gold Access TV Password

      Port: http://m3ulink.com:6969   <--- Enter this in exactly as it is here.

      After you do this, you'll have access via this app to everything in your Gold Access TV Account!

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      CJC Opportunity Overview April 22 2019
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      This is the CJC Opportunity Overview for April 22, 2019

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      Congratulations you amazing leaders!!!!
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      CJC is a radical shift into a shared economy!

      We are in control. No longer giving away our property to faceless companies to make billions.

      Control Just Changed.

      You leaders understand the vision and are inspiring others! You will be HANDSOMLY rewarded and thanked by those you share this with!

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      The CJC Live Opportunity Overview for April 16, 2019

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      CJC Live Leadership Check Match
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      This tutorial is on the CJC Live Leadership Check Match.

      There is no guarantee of income with CJC Live.  All rewards and incentives are based on yoru own skill, work ethic and leadership abilities

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      CJC Live Network Compensation
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      This video will probably be moved to a private channel but for now, here it is.

      The CJCLive.com platform is a simple, affilaite program, paying those who refer, 33% of the payments made by those they refer to CJC Live, whether it is $1/mo or $299 per year.  You can of course, refer no one and earn points which can be exchanged for gold back crypto or fiat money and soon, be used to purchase various items from our member store such as high end, name brand clothing and apparel, travel deals and crusises, concert and sports tickets.  

      However, this video includes one side of the compensation for those who do choose to refer.

      There are many, many ways to make money with CJC Live.  This is only one of them.  This is the completely optional side of referring people and business and / or team build to spread the word. 



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      CJC Opportunity Overview April 11, 2019
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      This is the CJC Live Opportunity Overview for April 11, 2019

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      Because the video, CJC Live Founder, John Rustin created the other day introducing CJC Live opportunity for Local Business was so powerful, I had to speak up and add my opinion on how revolutionary this new addition to the CJC Live offering is.

      Here is a link to the video John uploaded on April 7th: https://www.cjclive.com/video/415

      Although all CJC Live Agency Members can create channels for local businesses, create videos for them as well as PPV events, review videos etc, this particular service covered in this video is only available to CJC Authorized Resellers.

      If you're NOT an Authorized Reseller yet, contact the person who referred you to CJC Live about how to upgrade.

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      Bday Dinner CJC Marketing Opportunity
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      I created this video about how to turn a birthday dinner into a revenue generating opportunity.

      Courtesy, CJC Live CEO, Reggie Braziel and ... family!  Happy Birthday!

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      How ARs buy Media Boxes for sale
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      Authorized Retailer CJC1 Media Box Ordering Instructions

      Only Authorized Retailers are able to purchase the CJC1 media box.

      If you are an Authorized Retailer, this is how you do it.

      You may sell the boxes at any price from $299 up. You will be paid first in a true wholesale/ retail scneario.

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