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      Scummy Unplugged Exclusive Interview with Ryan Hughes, Motocross Savage It sounds kind of stupid to say “I love motocross” because if you’ve read anything I’ve written, done videos for or posted on social media for many years, besides sobriety and my family (OK, maybe guns, cool underwear and Keybar), it’s all about Motocross.

      In the world of professional sports, often your enthusiasm goes away after you’ve done it for a long time but not with me and not with motocross.  Since I was a kid and first infected with the motocross bug, for lack of a better word, “I’ve been addicted it”. It’s in my blood and it always will be.  Now, instead of competing, I give lessons to people about Freestyle and jumping and I run a bad ass motocross team. The guy I’m interviewed for this month’s issue of Scummy Unplugged is a legend.

      If you’re not into motocross, but you like football, I’ll say it this way, he’d be Marshawn Lynch because he was pure Beast-Mode!  He’s an absolute stud, a phenomenal human being and he also happens to be very, very serious about sobriety.

      To say I was psyched to do this interview is an understatement.

      This month, I bring you my exclusive interview with Ryan Hughes.

      Ryan was an absolute savage when he raced and I gotta say, just seeing him on the track before the race struck fear into everyone.  He had this “take no prisoners” kind of attitude to get to the front when he raced. Nothing stopped him, it was like he hit a switch when he raced and all he saw was the finish line, not to be stopped by anything or anyone. He consistently left it all out there. All he had, is all he gave, every single time. He didn’t win them all but no one there ever questioned why they called Ryan, “Ryno” because it might have been better if you faced a charging Rino this this guy.

      Now that he’s done racing, he brings his Ryno attitude into everything else he does including his sobriety. He’s created several very successful business doing everything from fitness coaching, to equipment and sports supplements. The guy is a savage at life itself.

      He first emerged on the professional circuit in the early 90s and was part of the legendary Spitfire Kawasaki team and gained both fame and respect in the final round of the 125 championship when his chain broke right at the finish line and he pushed his bike uphill to finish.

      Later he rode for some of the highest-profile teams, including Honda and Kawasaki factory teams and in 1999 moved to Europe where he took fourth in the championship standings with Pamo Honda and was instrumental in US claiming the Motocross of Nations” title.

      Later, he got a dream gig, riding million dollar bikes as a test pilot for Honda, and catapulted his way back to the pinnacle of American Motocross but as happens in motocross, injuries and concussions at the end of the season forced him into his first retirement. 

      Two years later, he was back on the scene with another set of runs at the 125 Outdoor National Championship and came close to winning the title two different times, competing with a broken foot and might have won except the last race of the series was cancelled so he finished the season 7 points behind.

      Needless to say, the guy is tough as nails, incredibly respected in our sport and by everyone who know him.  When I think of what makes a great human being, a guy who who’s battled it all including addiction, he’s one of the first I think of.

      You’ll love the interview.

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      Colin Scummy Morrison does some super human jumps here.  We interviewed him in our studio and he shared these videos with us.  Its amazing what he does.

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      In this exclusive interview we talk with actor and comic, Cort McCown about addiction, recovery and just staying sober.

      Cort candidly shares with Recovery Today editor, Sherry Gaba about his journey into addiction, his recovery and what thoughts on staying sober as well as advice to anyone looking for help for themselves or someone they love.

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      Exclusive interview with Eamon O'Hara, Operations Director of Soba Mesa.

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      Another amazing, exclusive interview in this month's issue of Recovery Today Magazine.

      This month, international actress and superstar, Bai Ling!   She is wise way beyond her years and you must see her interview.  In fact, we were blown away by her answers.  To be that young and to know the things that she does is pretty amazing.

      Recovery Today Magazine Editor, @Sherry Gaba gave a great interview.

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