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      PayPerView example and potential.
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      Create Video  Channels with PayPerView for huge potential for residual income streams nationally or globally.

      For any industry, hobbies, crowdfunding, event, or incentives.

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  • If you never seen a rare Blue Moon, then this is your first oppurtunity.  Ground breaking techonological platform position to be the first TipMe social media search engine, block chain, live streaming marketing platform! No other in the world offers transparent, efficiency, and convenience all in one online platform. Ignorance is not bliss, being optimistic with open heart and mind will lead you to new path of financial success and charitable legacy. 

    CJCLive is a Paradigm shift in the social media world, stand ready and stand fast.  channel is for training new affiliates and members to activate their accounts, create content, and how to use streaming black box or site. Many updated information will be provided gradually upon release. 

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